EmergeMobile is a web application utilized by French forestry professionals, encompassing a web interface, an Android application, and dedicated APIs.

This work was carried out on behalf of the Office National des Forêts, a French public body responsible for forests. Following the positive assessment of the benefits brought by technology to their work environment, the organization decided to purchase dedicated servers for internal data processing and to standardize the applications used through specific conventions.

In the following case, the existing platform dedicated to the designation of trees for felling exhibited malfunctions and design flaws. The document will analyze in detail the reconstruction of the web part and the database management, adhering to the new conventions, and the update of the mobile part for better application in the field, with the support of artificial intelligence ChatGPT and using technologies such as React, SpringBoot, PostgreSQL, and Kotlin. Additionally, a general analysis of the involved flora will be provided, evaluating the impact of this operation on forest ecosystems.

ChatGPT was a constant presence during the project development period, providing support through a web interface to address a series of requests and inquiries. Its effectiveness became evident, considering the initial limited knowledge of some technologies by the development team and the significant results achieved at the end of the project. The provided responses aided in understanding the use of required tools, greatly sped up debugging operations, and, despite some inaccuracies, inspired further and more effective research on the web. All information in the document refers to ChatGPT-3.5.